In the second series, we will make a brief excursion into the history of the Jewish people, and also get acquainted with Natalia Khomenchuk, a Ukrainian teacher who helped parents save Jewish children during the war years. The descendants of these children still write touching, detailed letters to her and regularly receive the same detailed answers. The former prisoner of the Vinnitsa ghetto Arkady Vainer, who miraculously escaped execution, the tragedy of the Bratslav Jewish orphanage, an interview with the writer Maxim Kantor - through these interviews, the endless and horrifying facts of the extermination of Jews in Ukraine are exposed. Truly diabolical cruelty appears where God's commandments are rejected. The history of mankind did not know precedents similar to the extermination of peoples during the Second World War. Furious long-term wars, bloody crusades, even Stalin's camps - were not aimed at completely destroying an entire nation, all without exception, including small children. This series leaves a special mark on the soul and raises the question again and again: what motivated people who risked themselves for the sake of others?