In the first episode of the film "Righteous Among the Nations" our film crew visited the Vinnitsa region, where they met an amazing woman Tatyana Tartachnaya. During World War II, her family rescued two Jewish boys, brothers. Risking their own lives and the lives of their own children, these simple Ukrainian villagers, without suspecting it themselves, accomplished a feat and became "Righteous". It is this honorary status that the State of Israel gives to those who saved Jews during the Holocaust. Grandmother Tanya shares her memories of the Romanian and German occupation of Vinnitsa, the Vinnitsa ghetto, touchingly and with details that cannot be erased from memory. Her story is supplemented by Leonid Trakhtenberg, director of the Holocaust Museum in Vinnytsia, and historian Anatoly Podolsky, and two friends and colleagues, a Ukrainian and a Jewess, talk about this topic. Does the Jewish question exist today? How does the Ukrainian youth feel about this? What conclusions have been drawn and lessons learned? The authors of the film will look for answers to these and other questions in the continuation of the entire series.